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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Goodies from the Chinese Moon lander Change' and rover Yutu.....

Above: Yutu sets off into the lunar wilderness.

I'm away for the coming week, so there'll be no posts until next Friday at the earliest. But before I go I'll leave you with one of these that ideas I love because of how simple yet effective it is.

50 Years ago on Wednesday humanity got its first pictures back from unmanned probes sent to the Moon. The most recent landings there were the Change lander/ unmanned observatory, and the Yutu rover - and the Chinese space agency has released a whole bunch of new pictures from the ongoing mission.

Above: Yutu does Change' a farewell doughnut.

The Yutu rover took a panorama, as a series of pictures, of it's landng site on the Moon, the Change lander/lunar observtory, and the landmarks  around it. 

These have been very skiillfully stitched together by Justin Cowert from unmannedspacecom, to give the full panoramic viw of the Moon's black sky and razor edged horizon. All an amazing feat all on it's own, but then it was taken up a notch when it was uploaded to RoundMe (here), a website that specialses in presenting all sorts of panorama's in a very unique way. 

And in this case it may be the closest you'll ever get to knowing what it's really like to stand on the Moon....

Elsewhere in the universe:

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