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Friday, 14 August 2020

This week in space: Winners and losers of US DOD launch contracts, International Space Station launches a teeny space telescope, Australia from space, and loads more...

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Pick o' the podcasts

Main engine cutoff: SpaceX and United Launch Alliance win US Department of Defense contracts

The Daily Space: All things Ceres

Space Scoop: When stars wobble

From the video store

Flinders ranges, Australia, from space:

Japanese company ispace aims to land a private mission on the moon in 2022

NASA space probe's dress rehearsal for asteroid landing

Reading material:

Dreamchaser space plane gets a name: Tenacity

Lava tubes on the Moon are big enough to hold cities

Dwarf planet Ceres does host a salty, near surface, ocean

New Russian extension for ISS is shipped

Space junk clean-up tech to be tested

A wave of space sector acquisitions

NASA's Martian mole is finally under the red sand:

Galapagos from space

The star Betelgeuse just sneezed

NASA satellites track hurricane Elida...

...and the damaged core of Beirut

Miniature space telescope launched from ISS

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