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Saturday, 18 June 2022

This week, off world: Games of cat and mouse in space, fire in microgravity and loads more...

  Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims 

Pick o' the podcasts:


From the video store:

Perseverance rover's ongoing adventures on Mars: 

Astra launch fails on first TROPICS flight for NASA - 


Record breaking 13th flight for SpaceX booster:

...followed by the launch of a RADAR imaging satellite...

... and Globalstar satellite, for 3 launches and landing in 36 hours...

Earth from Space - Glacier Bay, Alaska - SpaceRef

Reading material:

NASA Space Station Update 16 June, 2022 - Debris Avoidance Maneuver Takes Place on Station - SpaceRef

This is What the Metal Asteroid Psyche Might Look Like - Universe Today

Fire Acts Strangely in Microgravity. Astronauts Have Lit More Than 1,500 Fires on the Space Station to Figure Out Why - Universe Today

Stratolaunch's Roc carrier plane aces 7th test flight | Space

Impulse Space raises an additional $10 million for orbital transfer vehicles - SpaceNews

Astronomers renew concerns about Starlink satellite brightness - SpaceNews

Speedcast plotting major satellite capacity expansion - SpaceNews

NASA assigns two astronauts to Starliner test flight - SpaceNews

Quadsat gets ESA funding for ready-to-fly antenna testing kits - SpaceNews

Foust Forward | This time is different. Maybe. - SpaceNews

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