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Saturday 2 July 2022

This week, off world: A lot of launches this week (including Virgin Orbit launching 7 satellites for US Space Force), funding for a planetary defence mission, and loads more...

Pick o' the podcasts:

From the video store:


Virgin orbit launches 7 satellites in first night mission:


Atlas V rocket launches missile detection satellites:


India launches 3 satellites:

Bepi-columbo flies past Mercury

Rocket Lab & NASA launch CAPSTONE to the Moon -

Cygnus departs ISS at night, after reboost test - SpaceNews

China launches Gaofen-12 03 Earth observation satellite, rocket sheds tiles

Falcon 9 set to launch SES-22 geostationary communications satellite -

NOAA satellites monitor Alaskan wildfires:


Earth from Space - Patagonia - SpaceRef

Reading material:

Spectrolab electrifies space through advanced solar cell technology - SpaceNews

Chinese commercial launch firm Expace raises $237 million - SpaceNews

House appropriators partially restore funding for planetary defense mission - SpaceNews

U.K. government announces new space sustainability measures - SpaceNews

'Peculiar' Caspian Sea cloud tracked by NASA Terra satellite | Space

US Space Force's X-37B space plane nears orbital record | Space

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