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Friday 5 August 2022

These last 2 weeks (because I've been down with COVID), off world: So many launches! Including a Russian "intercept and 'inspect' " satellite, China expands its space station and loads more...

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Pick o' the podcasts:


From the video store:

Chang Zheng 5B launches Wentian Laboratory Module -

Which then docks:


Space Energy Initiative, Space-Based Energy solutions to address global energy challenges

SpaceX continues Starlink deployment with Starlink 4-25 mission -

1st commercial mission to Mars?

Rocket Lab’s Electron launches NROL-199 -

SpaceX launches South Korea's Danuri moon probe | Space

... and the science of re-useable rockets gets minature...

Reading material:

Russia launches potential inspector satellite on Soyuz-2.1v -

Dr Freeman's note: For those who've not spent too much time researching this stuff; satellites that can navigate between orbits and intercept other satellites to inspect them are widely acknowledged as a 'dual use' technology - as in "you could use it to inspect  satellites, or you could use it to go to town on them with close range electronic, or even physical, attacks". Specifically weaponised hardware isn't needed - the kind of microwave transmitter used by many satellites to talk to Earth could easily cripple another satellite if switched on at close enough range.
I'm in little doubt any nation that launches one of these buggers is well aware of what they could do. I doubt Russia are the only one's who launch them. Go figure

Landsat at 50: How satellites changed the way we see Earth | Space

A Satellite had to Dodge Space Junk as it was Raising its Orbit to Avoid Solar Activity - Universe Today

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