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Friday 24 February 2023

This week, off world: Spacecraft track a massive solar storm, the ISS tracks tropical cyclone Freddy, and loads more...

Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims... 

 ...and where you can donate to support victims of the recent quake in Syria and Turkey ( 

 Pick o' the podcasts:


From the video store:

These Rocks Did Something We Were Not Expecting | 1st Year Perseverance Supercut

Sun blasts powerful X2-class solar flare, spacecraft sees it

See the eye of tropical cyclone Freddy in amazing view from space station

Phoenix 1B Hybrid Sounding Rocket Campaign - 2021

China launches high-capacity communications satellite after 39-day pause - SpaceNews

Zaragoza, Spain: Earth From Space

Introducing the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem:

Reading material:

Northern Territory, Australia As Seen By Sentinel-2 - SpaceRef

Blue Origin makes solar cells from simulated moon dirt with 'alchemist' | Space

The James Webb Space Telescope discovers enormous distant galaxies that should not exist | Space

Astronomers Find a Group of Water-rich Asteroids - Universe Today

Astronomers target dark side of the Moon in search for alien life (

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