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Friday, 7 January 2011

HAPPY 2011!

Happy 2011 everyone, I hope  you've had a great Christmas. Shortly I'll be putting up a post on this years exciting Juno mission to Jupiter.

However before I do I have to tell you that the Juno post will be my last here until the end of March -  pesky real life matters I'm afraid, specifically writing up my PhD thesis. I'm a single dad, so as you can imagine my time is quite limited, and I'm afraid it's just not practical to maintain this blog at a decent level and write a thesis on the subject of plasmas and hard wearing coatings. So I'll see you all in the spring, hopefully with a PhD to my name and enough free time to explore the jaw dropping wonders of 4 bllion years ago with you once again.

All my best to everyone reading this,

John Freeman

Stay curious!

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