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Sunday 13 December 2020

This week in space: Something happened with SpaceX I believe? Hayabusa 2's asteroid sample lands in Australia, VG aborts its first spaceflight attempt from New Mexico, and loads more...

Want to support the future of science and engineering? You can do so through one of these charities:

Pick o' the podcasts:

We Martians: H.A.L.O

Spacepod: Not Just a Telescope

Are We There Yet? The Big Business of Small Satellites

From the video store:

Well, that escalated quickly: Starship has a successful first flight... and stacks the landing (spectacularly)

Blast from the past: Watch ISS astronauts work outside the space station

Top secret NROL 44 intelligence satellite launches:


Virgin Galactic aborts first spaceflight from New Mexico

Earth from Space: Kyiv, Ukraine

Reading material:

Starliner completes parachute tests

NASA to commercialize near-Earth communications

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