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Monday, 28 December 2020

In space over Christmas: SpaceX launches classified NRO mission, building your own rocket, commercial airlock opens on the ISS, and loads more...

Want to support the future of science and engineering? You can do so through one of these charities:

Pick o' the podcasts:

Main Engine Cut-Off: NASA VCLS 2, Relativity, Astra, and Firefly....

We Martians: Lunar Science's Next Giant Leap...

From the video store:

Christmas message from the ISS:

SpaceX ends the year with a classified launch for the NRO:


A recap of Starship SN8's (sort-of) successful test flight:

And at the other end of the spectrum: Building your own rocket:

Looking for New Year's boardgames? Here are a few intriguing suggestions... 

Reading material:

Point to point suborbital space travel...

Possibility of alien technology not yet ruled out for Proxima Centauri signal

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