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Sunday, 3 January 2021

In space over New Year's: A huge unknown asteroid, NASA's top views of Earth, and what a supernova sounds like...

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Pick o' the podcasts:

Space Pod: Space Advocacy with Casey Dreier

We Martians: Lunar Science's next giant leap

Planetary Radio:

From the video store:

Arianespace and Soyuz launch a French military satellite

Our world from 400km up: NASA's top views of the Earth from 2020

Blast from the Past: Japanese mini rover videos the surface of asteroid Ryugu...

...and the sample returns home:


What does a supernova remnant sound like in radio?

Reading material:

Lightning strikes seen on Venus?

The sample of asteroid returned by Haybusa 2 has been producing gas since it landed

A steam engine (yes, you read that right) for propelling small space satellites

Could a lunar 'gold-rush' trigger conflict on Earth?

NASA approves two new missions to study space weather

Meteor evidence points to a huge, unknown, asteroid

Life on Earth could have begun from a DNA/RNA mix

Could 'dark matter' be primordial black holes?

When did Earth's plate tectonics start?

What type of beamed energy is the best bet to get a probe out to the solar focus?

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