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Saturday 27 February 2021

This week in space: GPS satellites to be upgraded for in-space refuelling, ESA to the moon, vast solar filament collapses, and loads more...

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Pick o' the podcasts:

Spacepod: Radar Polarisation with Dr Hickson

From the video store:

Texas, disasters, and the case for beamed energy from space

ESA to the Moon

Vast Solar filament collapses, releasing a raging solar storm:

The filament collapse, above.

The resulting Solar storm, above.


NASA releases video of Mars landing

Earth from Space: Vancouver, Canada - SpaceRef

NASA Weekly ISS Space to Ground Report for 26 February, 2021 - SpaceRef

Reading material:

Did Ancient Martian Life Eat Rocks For Food? - Universe Today

Lockheed Martin to upgrade GPS satellites for in-orbit servicing - SpaceNews

MARSBOX | EurekAlert! Science News

Some Earth Life Could Already Survive on Mars - Universe Today

Mysterious stripes spotted over Russia in satellite images — and NASA is perplexed (

Nasa's pioneering black women - BBC News

Nicole Robinson named president of Ursa Space Systems - SpaceNews

Long March 4C launches latest batch of Yaogan- 31 satellites -

Automaker Geely gains approval for satellites for self-driving constellation - SpaceNews

Report: Space weapons are a fact of life, but there are many ways to counter them - SpaceNews

Give it time...

Meteorites remember conditions of stellar explosions (

Blue Origin delays first launch of New Glenn to late 2022 - SpaceNews

Canada to join US mission to moon (

NASA Study Finds Reduced African Grassland Fires Contribute to Short-lived Air Quality Improvements - SpaceRef

Virgin Galactic posts revenue loss of $238m in Q4 (

Astra, Rocket Lab win launch contracts - SpaceNews

ExoMars Images The Mars Perseverance Landing Site - SpaceRef

NASA spacewalk Sunday will prepare for new solar power (

Stoke raises seed round to work on fully reusable rockets - SpaceNews

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