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Friday, 5 March 2021

This week, in space: Prices for ISS commercial use go up, SpaceX lands (and then explodes) a prototype, lunar mining ideas, and loads more...

Learn the ins and outs of pseudoscience, and debunking it: Read 'Escaping The Rabbit Hole' here.

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Pick o' the podcasts:

Main Engine Cut-Off x 2:

Weekly Space Hangout:

Planetary Radio:

From the video store:

Aurora from Scotland:

SpaceX launches and lands its gigantic SN10 prototype rocket... 

...although it all goes a bit wrong during post-landing:

SpaceX successfully launches long-delayed Starlink L-17 mission -

Rocket labs announces new, semi-reusable rocket, which CEO Beck literally eats his hat over...


Earth from Space: Galápagos Islands - SpaceRef

Reading material:

Engineers Have Proposed The First Model For a Physically Possible Warp Drive (

Mining Water and Metal From the Moon at the Same Time - Universe Today

NASA Invests in a Plan to Build Landing Pads and Other Structures on the Moon out of Regolith - Universe Today

The Mars Helicopter Could Charge up the Atmosphere Around Itself as it Flies - Universe Today

China's Super-Heavy Lift Rocket Will Carry 100 Tons to the Moon - Universe Today

For The First Time, A 'Space Hurricane' Has Been Detected Over The North Pole (

NASA hikes prices for commercial ISS users - SpaceNews (seems like an odd move to me)

Mission Commander Thrives as 'Space Gardener' (

Mount Etna's fiery eruptions seen from space (satellite photos) | Space

How rain falls on different worlds - Paper

Earth's position and orbit spurred ancient marine life extinction (

Spacewalkers finish solar panel prep for station power boost (


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