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Sunday, 13 June 2021

This week in space: USAF looks for commercial cargo transport rocket, new pictures of Ganymede, Blue Origin's first tourist seat goes for $28 million and loads more...

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SpaceX launches communications satellite...

...and deploys it:

Chinese space station in front of the Sun

Relativity Space unveils fully reusable, 3D-printed Terran R rocket | Space

Ingenuity helicopter completes 7th Martian flight:

'Ring of fire' solar eclipse of 2021 thrills stargazers with sunrise spectacle | Space


Finally! New Pictures of Ganymede, Thanks to Juno - Universe Today

Reading material 

Astra to acquire propulsion company Apollo Fusion for launches beyond low Earth orbit | Space

US Air Force wants a commercial Rocket Cargo Vanguard to fly stuff anywhere on Earth | Space

House bill would designate space as critical infrastructure - SpaceNews

Air pollution from reentering megaconstellation satellites could cause ozone hole 2.0 | Space

Senate passes huge tech funding bill, includes $10 billion for NASA moon landers | Space

First seat to space on Blue Origin's New Shepard sells for $28 million | Space

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