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Saturday 26 June 2021

This week in space: 140 UFO's remain mysterious, a peek inside China's new space station, Hubble offline and loads more...

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A glimpse into life on China's new space station:

Earth from Space: Lake Mar Chiquita, Argentina - SpaceRef

Reading material:

Could Life Exist in the Atmosphere of a sub-Neptune Planet? - Universe Today

U.S. government report: 140 UFO's remain, er, unidentified

NASA and Boeing close out recommendations from Starliner review - SpaceNews

DoD space agency to create marketplace for commercial satellite data - SpaceNews

Ligado Networks passes 3GPP review for 5G plan - SpaceNews

Ex-Im Bank finances SpaceX launch deal - SpaceNews

Computer problem takes Hubble offline - SpaceNews

Dropping power levels threaten InSight mission - SpaceNews

Benchmark Space Systems unveils in-space mobility-as-a-service business - SpaceNews

ULA, Boeing, and NASA prepare for uncrewed and crewed Starliner flight tests -

Pesquet & Kimbrough complete new solar array installation on ISS -

Study Looks More Closely at Mars' Underground Water Signals (

NASA to send mannequins to moon to prepare for crewed missions (

Virgin Galactic Wins FAA's OK to Fly Space Passengers: Which Billionaire Will Go First? - Universe Today

Aliens in 2,034 Nearby Star Systems Could use the Transit Method to see Earth - Universe Today

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