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Saturday 3 July 2021

This week, in space: What's more powerful than a dinosaur? Virgin Orbit's first commercial launch, Branson to go on the 11th, Chinese solar power satellites and loads more....

Learn the ins and outs of pseudoscience, and debunking it: Read 'Escaping The Rabbit Hole' here.

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 Pick o' the podcasts:

186: What's more powerful than a dinosaur with Dr. Noviello — Spacepod (

From the video store:

Virgin Orbit's 3rd flight to space:

SpaceX launches 88 satellites:

Earth from Space: Lake Mar Chiquita, Argentina - SpaceRef


SpaceX's monster rocket rolls out

Reading material:

NASA Continues to Try and Rescue Failing Hubble - Universe Today

Astronomers Detected a Black Hole-Neutron Star Merger, and Then Another Just 10 Days Later - Universe Today

A Small Satellite With a Solar Sail Could Catch up With an Interstellar Object - Universe Today

China aims to build space based solar power station 

Space miners may use rockets to harvest the moon's water ice (video) | Space

Rogue Space and Orbital assembly to lease in-space construction vessel

Richard Branson to fly to space July 11th

Blue Origin to fly Mercury 13 woman on first crewed New Shepard flight - SpaceNews

OneWeb hits coverage goal with latest launch, sets sights on southern regions - SpaceNews

'Lakes' under Mars' south pole: A muddy picture? (

Why does Mercury have such a big iron core? Magnetism! (

Astrophysicists detect first black hole-neutron star mergers: Mix pair is 'elusive missing piece of the family picture of compact object mergers' -- ScienceDaily

The Goldilocks Supernova: The discovery of a new type of supernova illuminates a medieval mystery -- ScienceDaily

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