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Sunday, 26 September 2021

This week in space : Deliveries from orbit, long range planning, and Mars with a thousand super volcanoes....

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Pick o' the podcasts:


Spacepod Podcast: Long range planning

This Week at NASA - Preparing for Lunar Exploration - SpaceRef



NASA JSC SpaceCast Weekly 24 September, 2021 - SpaceRef

From the video store:


Volcanoes on Ancient Mars Exploded in Huge Super Eruptions | Digital Trends


Earth from Space - Calabria, Italy - SpaceRef


The Future Could Bring Pinpoint Deliveries From Orbit - Universe Today


Chinese space station docking


Reading material:

Tom Cruise Loses Space Race: The Challenge Starts Shooting on the ISS Next Month - autoevolution

NASA urged to avoid space station gap - SpaceNews

Next commercial Falcon Heavy mission to launch debut Astranis satellite - SpaceNews

Humanity needs a space-rescue capability, report stresses | Space

White dwarfs become magnetic as they get older (


Earth and Venus grew up as rambunctious planets (

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