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Sunday, 3 October 2021

This week in space: Rain of 'mush-balls' on Neptune, an on-orbit petrol station, and Landsat 9 launches...

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Bombing around the ISS in a Soyuz:


Landsat 9 launches:

SpaceX Dragon cargo ship heads for Earth packed with gravity-sensitive experiments | Space

Reading material:

Orbit Fab to launch propellant tanker to fuel satellites in geostationary orbit - SpaceNews

Focusing On Soyuz While Earth Zooms By - SpaceRef

Starlink can be Used as a Navigation System too - Universe Today

FAA clears Virgin Galactic to start flying again | Space

Satellite servicing companies see different demand in LEO versus GEO - SpaceNews

Op-ed | Can we backhaul our way to space? - SpaceNews

Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, SpaceX, ULA win Space Force contracts for rocket technology projects - SpaceNew

La Palma eruption: Satellite image captures path of lava to sea as new crack opens after eight earthquakes (

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