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Sunday, 11 September 2022

This week, off world: Aurora Borealis seen from above, Rocketlab make progress re-using their engines, a huge experimental satellite for smartphone coverage, and loads more....

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The aurora borealis seen from above:

SpaceX launches experimental satellite to connect smartphones

Ariane 5 launches advanced broadband satellite for Eutelsat -

Will NASA's DART space craft be able to change an asteroid's orbit?


How did Mercury get its spots?

Watch Europe dry up from space in a new satellite video | Space

Why does Phobos have strange lines on it?

Reading material:

Eastern Province Of Saudi Arabia As Seen By Sentinel-2 - SpaceRef

Dream Chaser spaceplane will carry 'ScienceTaxi' lab to space station (

Rocketlab Sent This Engine to Space and Then Retrieved it. A new Test Shows it's Still Working Fine - Universe Today

SpaceX to launch five spare Iridium satellites - SpaceNews

FCC to set five-year deadline for deorbiting LEO satellites - SpaceNews

BlueWalker-3 Satellite Launches This Weekend, May Be Bright - Universe Today

NASA completes agreement with Axiom Space for second private astronaut mission - SpaceNews

China launches mysterious new spy satellite (

ESA’s Solar orbiter just got smacked by a coronal mass ejection (


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