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Sunday 25 September 2022

This week, off world: NASA is about to try moving an asteroid, the NRO launch what is (probably) and imaging satellite and loads more...

 Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims 


Pick o' the podcasts:

Spacepod 201: International space law with Cordula Panosch

Main Engine Cut Off  T+230: Bob Pearce, Associate Administrator of NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate


From the video store:

Watch a Delta IV Heavy rocket launch US spy satellite | Space

Russia launches a Soyuz to the ISS...

... and it docks:

NASA's InSight hears its first meteoroid impacts on Mars (

LEOlabs at IAC 2022

ISS dropping its trash:

Amazing events seen from space:

Starlink Group 4-34 mission finally lifts off after weather delays -

Rocket Lab investor day 2022:

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