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Friday 16 October 2020

This week in space: A record breaking trip to the ISS, the Artemis accords governing lunar exploration signed, future light sails may fly past the Sun for a boost, and loads more....

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 Pick o' the podcasts

Main Engine Cut-Off: SpaceX and L3 Harris to build missile warning satellites

We Martians: The Mars Underground

From the video store

Infrared map of Enceladus shows geologic activity in both hemisphere's

A Soyuz spacecraft makes a record breakingly fast trip to the International Space Station

Virgin Orbit aims for a second test flight by the end of this year:

Blue origin's News Shephard rocket flies a test mission for NASA Moon landing tech

China launches Gaofen-13 Earth observation satellite

Earth from Space: Laguna San Rafael National Park, Chile

Reading material:

8 nations sign the 'Artemis accords' to govern new lunar exploration...

...while China's Chang'e mission begins it's 23rd lunar day

Russia plans to launch it's own re-useable rocket in 2026

Satellite servicing company Astroscale recieve $51 million funding

The Moon's far side is the prefect spot to do SETI

Best design for a light-sail may be one that skims the Sun

'Planet' unveils 50cm resolution rapid-revisit satellite imagery

NASA selects first human-tended sub-orbital research payload

OrbitalSidekick wins $16 million U.S. Airforce contract

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