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Saturday, 3 October 2020

This week in space: Venus' phosphine mystery deepens, ice covered lake system found on Mars, flying paramedics and loads more...

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More subsurface lakes found on Mars

Earth sized rogue planet found

Jetpacks for paramedics

NASA's OSIRIS-REX mission prepares to land on asteroid Bennu and collect a sample

...and observes weathering, driven by the Sun's heat there: 

A chunk of space rock skips off Earth's atmosphere

Tarawa, Kiribati, from space

...and New York city

The S.S. Kalpana Chawla launches on a resupply mission to the international space station

Reading material:

A system of Martian lakes, protected by ice, may have been found

Phosphine was detected (but not recognised) on Venus in 1978

Russia launches 3 communication satellites and 18 smallsats

Space Force and NASA show interest in nuclear thermal rockets

First responders using Starlink satellites

Hayabusa 2 mission will visit another asteroid after it drops it's samples to Earth

Radio space telescope to be stationed over the far side of the Moon

Asteroid Vesta was bombarded with giant rocks earlier than the rest of the solar system

Luna radiation may pose long term health risk for moonwalkers

Kepler communications launches its own satellites

Possible evidence of cosmic strings found?

UK Space Agency hosts major event

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  1. I really enjoy meteor shower every year. Sometimes I think, earth is still lucky to exist. So many meteor are in solar space and many meteor clash in the atmosphere.