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Friday, 23 October 2020

This week in space: Lunar water discovery, NASA mission snags a chunk of asteroid, Axiom Space finalises it's first private mission and loads more...

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Pick o' the podcasts:

NASA spacecast:

Off Nominal:

Universe Today: Any Updates from Venus?

Main Engine Cut-Off: Lunar politics

From the video store:

Hot-fire of ESA's booster for it's new Ariane  6 rocket

OSIRIS-REx tags the surface of the asteroid Bennu... ...nets a significant chunk...

...and here's the messy aftermath:

NASA Weekly ISS Space to Ground Report for 16 October, 2020

SpaceX launches even more Starlink satellites 

Reading material:

'Exciting discovery' about the Moon to be announced Monday (it probably relates to lunar ice somehow)

EDIT: yes it does! Here's the story, and here's the original paper

Axiom Space finalises it's first private ISS mission... the crew vote!

Lockheed Martin looks to launch missions from the Shetland isles

NASA awards contracts for lunar technologies and ice prospecting payload

Supergiant Star Betelgeuse Smaller, Closer Than First Thought

Astrobotic CubeRover Prepared For Regolith Testing

A Spacecraft Could Get to Titan in Only 2 Years Using a Direct Fusion Drive

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