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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

News from around the solar system....

Real life is closing in around me... oh no! But even though I'm short on time, I'm adaptable, so here're some of the most interesting but hard to find stories from around the Solar System...

Out in the Universe:
This paper claims that earth might have narrowly missed being blitzed by an fragmented comet in relatively recent times. Remember the Russian asteroid strike a few years ago, that injured thousands of people?

Above: The Chelabinsk meteor strike, courtesy of Russia today.

...that would have happened - and maybe bigger exposions -all across the world.

The latest pictures from the Dawn mission to Ceres reveal a bizzarre, crag riddled and 'snow capped' terrain...

Above: The mysterious bright landscapes - visible from Hubble - of Occator crater on the dwarf planet Ceres. Courtesy of NASA and Phil Stooke.
..I'm definately wondering what this might look like from ground level.

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