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Space and science websites you want to check out...


A good, well moderated, tolerant, forum can be a great informal way to learn about what's going on out there. The three I've listed have different styles, but all are worth a vist and free to join (although may have paid for sections):
A formal and science heavy site, but also friendly and very tolerant towards newcomers. Focuses on unmanned probes and science missions. Not the place for wild speculation, but everyone there is knowledgeable as hell

More broad in scope and slightly more relaxed in feel than, but still tightly run. A favourite hangout for NASA scientists and engineers 

More relaxed than either of the others, but still well moderated. Special sections are reserved for wilder ideas and speculation, although be warned: If you say something controversial - Moon landing was fake, UFO's are real etc - you'll be challenged to back it with evidence

Space and Science websites:


Blue origin (private space transportation firm)

Boeing aerospace (Aerospace and space firm)

CNSA (Chinese national space agency)


Centauri-dreams (Website for the Tau Zero foundation who research the possibilities for interstellar travel)


ESA (European Space Agency)


JAXA (Japanese space agency)


Lockheed Martin  (aerospace and space firm)


NASA (Please don't tell me you need to be told who they are) (crewed spaceflight specific news site)

NASA Watch (Good site for NASA related news and analysis - determinedly skeptical, kool-aid-free site)

New Scientist (good general science news)

Next Big Future (good site for news on bleeding-edge tech)


Parabolicarc  (Space news site)

PhysicsWorld (good general science site)


ROSCOSMOS (Russian space agency)


Science daily (good general science site)

S.E.T.I (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence -  yes these guys are actually hunting for aliens - mad or not if they find something the implications would be huge)

Sierra Nevada Corperation (Private space transportation firm) (Space news website)

Space Daily (space news website)
Space news .com (Space news website)

Spaceref (Space news site)

Space weather (Think space is empty? Space weather can cause aurora, radio blackuts, blow out power grids, and even put a hole in youir car! Read about it here)

SpaceX (Private space transportation firm)


The Space Review (Space news site):

The Planetary Society (space advocacy not-for-profit - they launch their own spacecraft and test experimental space engines such as solar sails) 

Universe Today (space news site)


Virgin Galactic (Private space transportation firm)


World View Enterprises (Near space transportation firm)

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