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Saturday 22 August 2020

This week in space: U.S. military takes an interest in lunar resources race, some solar systems may have several habitable worlds, a second satellite servicing 'tow truck' launches to orbit, and loads more....

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Main Engine cutoff: Small commercial launcher updates

Off nominal:

Planetary Radio:

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Northrup-Grumman's second 'space tow truck', MEV-2, launches along side two communications satellites. 

SpaceX does another Starlink internet satellite launch...

...and it's drone-boat catches the rocket's nosecone covering ('fairing') for re-use: 

Scotland's highland spaceport gets approval:

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Blacksky satellites return images only 2 days after launch

Arecibo radio telescope damaged by snapping cable

A private mission to Venus

Rocket Labs to attempt recovery of one of its boosters, a big step towards re-use

Russia's new space station science lab is readied for its mission

Tropical storm Isaiha tracked in visible light and water vapour emission

Cape Cod bay from orbit

Aguas Zarcas meteor may contain building blocks of life

SNC grows tomatoes in test of space garden

Altius Space Machines to support Artemis

White house memo makes LEO research a priority

Scotland's spaceport plan gets approved

Satellite images capture struggle to move stricken ship

Skysat constellation complete

US military eyes role in international competition for lunar resources

Friday 14 August 2020

This week in space: Winners and losers of US DOD launch contracts, International Space Station launches a teeny space telescope, Australia from space, and loads more...

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Main engine cutoff: SpaceX and United Launch Alliance win US Department of Defense contracts

The Daily Space: All things Ceres

Space Scoop: When stars wobble

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Flinders ranges, Australia, from space:

Japanese company ispace aims to land a private mission on the moon in 2022

NASA space probe's dress rehearsal for asteroid landing

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Dreamchaser space plane gets a name: Tenacity

Lava tubes on the Moon are big enough to hold cities

Dwarf planet Ceres does host a salty, near surface, ocean

New Russian extension for ISS is shipped

Space junk clean-up tech to be tested

A wave of space sector acquisitions

NASA's Martian mole is finally under the red sand:

Galapagos from space

The star Betelgeuse just sneezed

NASA satellites track hurricane Elida...

...and the damaged core of Beirut

Miniature space telescope launched from ISS

Friday 7 August 2020

This week in space: A huge week for SpaceX, Mars may have been cold-and-wet not warm-and-wet, mushy hail on Jupiter and loads more...

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Saturday 1 August 2020

The week in space news: An interview with Richard Garriott, lunar water mysteries, a second satellite servicing mission is set to launch, and lots about Mars...

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Off Nominal: Well Within The Kill Zone:

Planetary Radio: Hope leads the way to Mars:

From the video store:

Test fire of SpaceX's new super-heavy lift rocket:

What we know about Russia's in-space anti-satellite weapon 

Ride along with a Soyuz spacecraft as it docks with the ISS

NASA launches Perseverance rover to Mars:

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