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Friday 27 May 2022

This week, off world: NASA aims to launch a mission to refuel and repair satellites, 3D printing antenna in space and loads more....

 Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims  

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From the video store:

A tour of Starliner...

...which undocks to come home...

... and lands:


Mars helicopter flies over rover tracks:

Satellites could 3D print their own antenna:

China launches experimental communications satellites:

SpaceX launches 59 small satellites, lands rocket back on Earth | Space

The Earth gives out a mysterious magnetic wave every 7 years:

Reading material:

NASA is Building a Mission That Will Refuel and Repair Satellites in Orbit - Universe Today

The Moon’s Ancient Volcanoes Could Have Created Ice Sheets Dozens of Meters Thick - Universe Today

Spacesuits are Leaking Water and NASA is Holding off any Spacewalks Until They can Solve the Problem - Universe Today

SpaceX moon and sunrise Starlink satellite launch photos | Space

The Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES) Could Detect Exoplanets Within a few Dozen Light-Years of Earth Using Astrometry - Universe Today

Saturday 14 May 2022

This week, off world: Plants grown on lunar soil, SpaceX launches 2500th Starlink satellite, first images of our monster black hole and loads more...

Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims  

Pick o' the podcasts:

From the video store:

Watch a SpinLaunch test payload soar with on-board camera

Mars, enhanced

The Tonga Eruption Reached Space! - Universe Today

Black hole: First picture of Milky Way monster - BBC News

SpaceX launches 2,500th Starlink satellite in third back-to-back mission -

... and another 24 hrs later

Western Isles angler catches fireball meteor in video - BBC News


Earth from Space - Arc de Triomphe, Paris - SpaceRef

Reading material: 

Moon soil used to grow plants for first time in breakthrough test - BBC News

Ancient microorganisms found in halite may have implications for search for life (

Tianzhou-4 cargo craft docks with Chinese space station - SpaceNews

National Reconnaissance Office partners with U.K. on space mission to fly on Virgin Orbit rocket - SpaceNews

Astronaut Jessica Watkins Floats Above the Earth in the Space Station's Cupola - Universe Today

Extended Trips to Space Alter the Brains of Astronauts - Universe Today

Spire Global adding high-capacity Ku-band antennas to satellites - SpaceNews

Orbex unveils prototype of rocket preparing for UK’s first vertical launch - SpaceNews