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Friday 24 July 2020

In space this week: Why has the UK government acquired OneWeb? Plus, Russia tests what may be a satellite weapon, current volcanoes on Venus, and loads more...

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Utah's Great Salt Lake from space

Sunday 12 July 2020

This week in space news: The Bermuda triangle of space, the Summer of Mars, SpaceX's starship rocket readies for first flight, and loads more...

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Where is the missing light matter?

Not all orbits are around planets: Water drops orbiting a charged knitting needle.

Virgin Galactic cabin reveal... trailer 

Dr Becky on Saturn's moon Hyperion:

China launches APSTAR-6D telecommunications satellite

SpaceX's Starship Readies for Static Fire and First Flight

Rocketlab's Electron Rocket Fails on 13th Launch

We Persevere

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Geologists use satellite data to identify massive ore deposits

Saturday 4 July 2020