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Friday 25 September 2020

This week in space: Asteroid mining, SpaceX blows up a huge can of super-cold liquid, and what has China's new spaceplane left up in in orbit?

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Pick o' the podcasts

Spacepod: Preventable disasters

Travellers In The Night: Asteroid mining

From the video store

China's new spaceplane has left something behind in orbit - satellite spotters and radio enthusiasts are tracking it

SpaceX pressure tests SN7.1 prototype to destruction

Giant black hole M87's accretion disk seen 'wobbling'

Reading material:

Chinese company set to launch test mission for space mining technology

How much life would be needed to explain Venus' mysterious phosphine?

Comet 67/P is the first comet found with its own aurora!

Process that may have led to the first organic molecules

Earth may get a new minimoon... although it may be an old rocket stage

NASA still targeting 2024 for moon landing

Axiom space finalising agreements for private mission to the ISS

Estee Lauder to do product photoshoot on the ISS

A really space age sound system is being prepared for the shoot...

Growing commercial interest in International Space Station use

NASA delays Titan mission by a year

How NASA benefits the US economy

Cubsat mission to scout out the orbit for NASA's Lunar space station

Friday 18 September 2020

This week in space: A possible biomarker in Venus' clouds, an experimental rocket crash, and the space between Earth and Moon is becoming a new an arena for space superiority...

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Pick o' the podcasts

Weekly Space Hangout: September 16, 2020 – Dr. Merav Opher Discusses the Shape of the Sun’s Heliosphere

Planetary Radio double header:

From the video store

Phosphine on Venus - a potential sign of life...

SpaceX's upcoming milestones 

Astra rocket's first orbital attempt crashes (but they may be making a second attempt soon

Deep Space 9 original cast star in an online Star Trek play (it's really good):

Reading material

Private launcher firm Rocketlabs aims to reach Venus in 2023

US satellites may get defensive escorts

Earth-moon space is may be the new arena for military space superiority: Expert opinions:

...and here's the full U.S. government report

Northrup Grumman to develop jam-resistant military satellite

Smoke from wildfires stretching across the U.S.

Amazon river from space

Artemis 3 mission may land near Apollo landing site

Dynetics to use in-space refuelling for lunar lander

Friday 4 September 2020

This week in space: China looks to longer range space weapons and launches a secretive re-useable spacecraft, a big week for SpaceX, and for SpaceLabs, AND Arianespace launches a space tug-boat on its maiden flight.....

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The Space Foundation 

 Pick o' the podcasts

Time Eat The Dogs podcast: The argument against human colonies in space

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Vega rocket launches maiden flight of a small satellite tug-boat 

SpaceX launches latest batch of Starlink satellites...

New solid fuel booster gets a ground test:

SpaceLab's Electron rocket returns to flight

A non-toxic fuel that works in chemical engines and ion drives the start of all-in-one rockets?

Reading material:

China looking at advanced, long range ASAT weapons to dominate space...

...fuelling Pentagon interest in similar weapons

...and China also launches a secretive reusable space vehicle

A vehicle for moving other satellites into new orbits

Extraterrestrial amino acids found in meteorite

Upgraded telescope shows the Sun's magnetic field structure in incredible detail