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Monday 28 September 2015

'Major' Mars science announcment, and a few other bits and pieces....

Watch the 'Major' announcement on Mars science here:

EDIT: According to this Guardian article the news is indeed a 'smoking gun' for present day water on the surface of Mars.

Just a very quick note to let you all now that you can watch today's announcement from NASA on NASA ustream, either in the panel below or by clicking the link above, at 15:30 UTC:

Fusion power within reach?
A team from the university of Gothenburg may have found the key to using fusion power in small scale power plants.

Upgraded ion engine 153% more fuel efficient

Above: An ion engine being tested in a vacuum chamber.

Cubesats represent a fundamental change in space usage and exploration
See below for Crag Clark of Clydespace giving a talk on how the rise of miniature satellites is changing space travel.

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