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Monday 26 December 2016

Six videos of the beauty (and strangeness) of our universe:

There's always a lot of great science being done, but it's Christmas: Time to sit back and just admire the power, strangeness, and majesty of our Universe. And I've got six videos to let you do just that!

Watch the Milky Way, our home galaxy, spin past these radio telescopes:

 ...and watch the Earth spin beneath the International Space Station:  

On the space station, watch these astronauts mix water, dye, and effervescent tablets to create this weird little entity... 

...while an experiment on the station captures the odd beauty of this burning droplet of fuel in weightlessness:  
Sit on the shoulders of the Curiosity rover, as the Sun sets on the desert landscape of Mars...  


...and, lastly, fly with NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, as it captures the incredible complexity and power of the Sun up close:   

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