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Monday, 20 February 2017

The Universe in 101 words : Does anything live on Ceres?

Above: Ceres. Doesn't look promising, but give it a chance

The odds are looking better and better. 

Located in the asteroid belt, Ceres is only a thousand kilometres across. But the Dawn space probe has found signs that It’s had internal warmth, running water, and organic chemistry in the past – possibly even today. 

Those things are thought to be the key ingredients for life to begin… so the odds of finding Cerean life just jumped – comparable, perhaps, to the odds of there having been Martian life. 

Cere’s low gravity and relative closeness would make returning material from its surface easier than for Mars, too. This dwarf planet might surprise us all… 

Above: Ahuna Mons, an ice volcano on Ceres.

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