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Monday 3 February 2020

This week in space news: Jupiter revealed, bizarre Martian weather, commercial space station by Axiom, mounds of Parker Solar Probe discoveries and lots, lots more...

Learn the ins and outs of pseudoscience, and debunking it: Read 'Escaping The Rabbit Hole' here.

Want to support the future science and engineering? You can do so through one of these charities:

Skeptoid media
The Association for Science Education 

From the video store:

Parker Solar Probe reveals the Sun's eerie 'song'

What would we see if the oceans were drained? 

Footage of Virgin Galactic's White Knight Two

Huge meteor explodes over Derby

Axiom space will be building a commercial ISS extension / space station - see their  plans here.

Arianespace launches 34 OneWeb internet satellites on a single launch.

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