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Friday, 9 October 2020

This week in space: What a Biden administration might mean for NASA, ESA's new engine gets test fired, and the Moon's getting surveyed to heck...

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Pick o' the podcasts:

Main Engine cutoff: Catching up on the news

Universe Today: Could we drill for life on Mars?

Planetary Radio: What would a Biden administration mean for NASA?

From the video store:

Watch the test firing of ESA's new engine for the Ariane 6

Bepicolumbo mission to Mercury gets ready to fly past Venus

SatFire IV experiment continues to use microgravity to better understand fires

Another 60 Starlink satellites go up, another booster lands safely - SpaceX official feed...

...and's view from the press area.

See the power of adaptive optics with this image of the Carina nebula's 'Western Wall'.

Our world at night, seen from the International Space Station

Reading material:

The S.S. Kalpana Chawla reaches the International Space Station (and is caught by a satellite watcher doing so)


A fleet of cubesats prepares to search the Moon for ices...


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