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Saturday, 28 November 2020

This week in space: Chinese probe enters lunar orbit, the Universe is set out (a bit) like a brain, a new era begins ofr the ISS and loads more

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Pick o' the podcasts:

Main Engine Cutoff: A New Era for the ISS

Weekly Space Hangout

From the video store:

China launches the first sample return mission to the Moon for decades -  and it's just entered Lunar orbit

Space-Junk clean up mission will test using a net to capture debris


SpaceX test fires it's SN8 prototype super rocket

Watch the 'cosmic web' of the universe form in simulation

Reading material:

Rocket labs recovers a first stage booster for the first time

How is the Universe like a brain?

3D rocket printing company Relativity Space raises $500 million to accelerate it's plans

Brown Dwarf spotted with radio telescope

One of life's building blocks can form in deep space, no star or planet needed

Martian dust storms devastated the planet, removed it's water

Europa's geysers might be from near-surface lakes

First large sunspot of the new sunspot cycle

Greening the Earth may mitigate surface warming

Growing radish plants in orbit

A hint of new physics in the early universe?

Defects in a mitochondria may explain health problems during space travel

Fabric on the ISS' hull listens for space dust strikes

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