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Saturday 16 January 2021

This week in space: Balloons to space, the effect of the capitol riots on space policy, ion engines for cubesats and loads more...

Want to support the future of science and engineering? You can do so through one of these charities:

Pick o the podcasts:

Cheap Astronomy Podcast, Jan 13th: Hot Air 

From the video store:

From supernova to something much more intriguing at the core of galaxy 253-3 -

Blue Origin flies a test mission to space:

SN9 fires up engines:


Juno probe to visit Jovian Moons:

Reading material:

Exotrail aims for more in orbit space mobility (

The Mystery of Sunquakes is Deep; One Million Meters Deep! - Universe Today

Astronomers see Swirling Weather on the Closest Brown Dwarf - Universe Today

A Forgotten Planet Found in a Triple-Star System – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System (

It's really there! Kepler space telescope's 2nd-ever exoplanet candidate finally confirmed. | Space

Scientists Propose Permanent Human Habitat Built Orbiting Ceres (

New Solar Arrays to Power International Space Station Research | NASA

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