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Saturday 13 March 2021

This week in space: Starlink satellite internet reviewed, NASA zaps things on Mars with a laser, satellite images show Guinea blast destruction...

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Pick o' the podcasts:

Planetary Radio: Space policy edition

We Martians: Landing on Mars

From the video store:

This is Jezero crater, Mars...

Perseverance rover blasts things with a laser on Mars

Starlink satellite internet review: 

And more of them are launched:

China launches Chang Zheng 7A rocket on its Return To Flight mission -


Reading material:

Bata blast: Satellite images show Equatorial Guinea destruction - BBC News

Northrup Grumman's 2nd 'space rescue truck' closes in on ailing Intelsat satellite - SpaceNews

Startup using Soviet-era technology to build satellite servicing vehicle - SpaceNews

Op-ed | Advancing science through human-tended suborbital experiments on commercial vehicles - SpaceNews

Rock that fell from the sky over the UK could change our understanding of the solar system (

China, Russia enter MoU on international lunar research station - SpaceNews

LPSC Paper 2344: Did ancient lunar volcanoes give it an atmosphere? And did water from that atmosphere become its polar ice?.PDF (

LPSC paper:2355: How well did the Moon's ancient atmosphere move water vapour?.PDF (

Space Force awards ULA, SpaceX contracts for four national security missions - SpaceNews

Gliese 486b is a Hellish World With Temperatures Above 700 Kelvin - Universe Today

Simulations of the Universe are Getting Better and Better at Matching Reality - Universe Today

Blue Origin to simulate lunar gravity on suborbital flights for NASA - SpaceNews

The Most Recent Volcanic Activity on the Moon? Just 100 Million Years ago - Universe Today

Cold gas pipelines feeding early, massive galaxies -- ScienceDaily

Apollo rock samples capture key moments in the Moon's early history -- ScienceDaily

Astrobotic reveals mission patch for first commercial moon landing | Space

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