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Sunday, 25 July 2021

This week, in space: Blue Origin makes it's first crewed spaceflight, a huge new module for the ISS launches, and loads more...

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From the video store:

Jeff Bezos launches to space aboard New Shepard rocket ship - BBC News

Super Heavy Booster 3 fires up for the first time -

1km ball drop across the solar system

Video with some new footage of the Chang'e 5 sample return mission:

JUNO flies past Jupiter's moon Ganymede:

Earth from Space: Tarso Toussidé, Chad - SpaceRef

Reading material:

Nauka ISS science module snapped from the ground

Court denies Viasat attempt to halt Starlink launches pending legal action - SpaceNews

Starliner cleared for second uncrewed test flight - SpaceNews

FAA revises criteria for commercial astronaut wings - SpaceNews

United Kingdom a potential site for future U.S. space surveillance radar - SpaceNews

Rocket Lab identifies cause of Electron failure - SpaceNews

NorthStar developing prototype Earth observation system for marine and coastal tracking - SpaceNews

Exodus Orbitals is developing an open satellite platform - SpaceNews

Falcon Heavy to launch Europa Clipper - SpaceNews

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