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Sunday, 17 October 2021

This week in space: William Shatner in space, launches to begin from Scotland next year, and the first in-space manufacturing satellite...

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From the video store:

NASA, ULA launch historic Lucy mission -

Shenzhou 13 launches first long-duration Chinese Space Station crew -

Earth from Space - New Delhi, India - SpaceRef

OneWeb deployment reaches halfway point with Soyuz 2.1b launch -

An interview with Virgin Orbit

Reading material:

You Can Blow Up an Asteroid Just a few Months Before it Hits Earth and Prevent 99% of the Damage - Universe Today

Space launches from Scotland to begin in 2022

Starliner valve investigation continues to focus on moisture interaction with propellant - SpaceNews

Varda Space selects SpaceX for launch of first space manufacturing satellite - SpaceNews

Soyuz returns cosmonauts and film crew to Earth - SpaceNews

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Update 15 October, 2021 - Soyuz Thruster Firing Problem - SpaceRef

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