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Tuesday 21 December 2021

This week, off world: Rocket Lab's new booster, Spin Launch throws a dummy booster 10 km towards space, $7.6 million for in-space manufacturing and loads more....

 Learn the ins and outs of pseudoscience, and debunking it: Read 'Escaping The Rabbit Hole' here.

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Peter Beck talks about Rocket Labs Neutron rocket:

Reading material:

SpinLaunch Successfully Throws A 10-Meter Dart Toward Space - CleanTechnica

£7.6 million stumped up for test of in-space manufacturing satellites


Satellites see devastating tornado damage in US from space (photos) | Space

Japan will launch a huge communications satellite on Wednesday. Here's how to watch it live. | Space

Japanese Billionaire Finishes Up Space Station Mission With Online Flourishes - Universe Today

U.S. Defense Innovation Unit selects Maxar to produce robotic arms for on-orbit servicing - SpaceNews

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