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Saturday, 3 December 2022

This week, off world: Artemis 1 heads for home, air breathing ion engines, the eruption of the Earth's largest volcano from space and loads more...

Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims 


 Pick o' the podcasts:

From the video store:

Spacewalkers install rollout solar array outside space station

Artemis 1 cubesats: The 10 tiny satellites hitching a NASA ride to the moon | Space

Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft leaves moon's orbit to head home | Space


How Do You Find the Moon’s Best Picnic Spot?

Moon occults Mars, giant planets and more in Dec. 2022 skywatching:

SpaceX CRS-26 Dragon docking:

Artemis 1 sees Earth and Moon from record breaking distance:

Satellites watch world's largest volcano erupt in Hawaii (photos) | Space

China fires up 'domestically-developed' reusable rocket engine for 1st time (no sound):

Central Peak of the Aristarchus Crater: 

The moraines of Malaspina | Earth from Space

Big fireball streaks across skies over at least 12 US states, Canada:

Reading material:

Air-Breathing ion Engines can Continuously Boost Spacecraft Anywhere There's an Atmosphere - Universe Today

China has 6 astronauts in space for the 1st time | Space

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