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Friday, 17 March 2023

This week, off world: New Horizons mission looks for a new target, exploring Venus with a fleet of balloons and loads more...

Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims... 

 ...and where you can donate to support victims of the recent quake in Syria and Turkey (


Pick o' the podcasts:


From the video store:

The Best Way to Learn About Venus Could Be With a Fleet of Balloons - Universe Today

Cargo Dragon CRS-27 docks with ISS -


...and SpaceX launches another fleet of Starlink satellites  

Rocketlab launches 'stronger together' mission:

Don’t Drop your Tools in Space

Long March-2C launches Horus-2

Long March-3B launches Gaofen-13 02

Reading material:

The Latest from New Horizons (

Venus is ‘geologically active’, revolutionary new evidence suggests (

Telescope on moon's far side will probe universe's 'Dark Ages' | Space

What is the U.S. Space Force and what does it do? (

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