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Friday 16 February 2024

This week, off world: A new private Moon mission, Russia developing a nuclear based space weapon and loads more...

  Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims... 

...and here is (one) place you can donate to help children in Afghanistan, caught under the Taliban.


 Pick o' the podcasts:


From the video store:

Russia launches Kosmos 2575 military satellite atop Soyuz rocket

Russia 'developing space-based nuclear weapon' to target US satellites, sparking security concerns | US News | Sky News

NASA climate satellite blasts off to survey oceans and atmosphere of a warming Earth (

Vulcan Cert-1: Behind the Scenes with ULA's Launch Conductor Dillon Rice

The New Space Shuttle | Sierra Space's Dream Chaser

Trillion-tonne iceberg A23a spins on the spot - BBC News

SpaceX launches classified USSF-124 satellites on secret Valentine's Day mission for US Space Force (video) | Space

SpaceX launches private 'Odysseus' lander on pioneering moon mission (video) | Space

SpaceX launches Starlink batch on 3rd mission in less the 24 hours, nails landing

Progress MS-26 launch

Chinese astronauts light candle with match on Tiangong space station to show flame behavior 

Reading material:

Varda gets reentry license for space manufacturing capsule - SpaceNews

Future military target-tracking satellites to be operated by U.S. Space Force  - SpaceNews

Mongolia in talks with SpaceX to launch first national satellite (

Orbital Composites and Virtus Solis announce space-based solar power demonstration - SpaceNews

China launches 20 satellites on separate inland and sea rocket launches - SpaceNews

Satellite phone networks can democratize global communication - SpaceNews

Cosmic Dust Could Spread Life from World to World Across the Galaxy - Universe Today

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