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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

6 strangely beautiful videos of water in space:

Above: Saturn's ocean moon, Enceladus.
What does water do in space?

If you're talking about weightlessness, on a space station or space ship, it becomes a very strange and beautiful thing:

Water balloons in microgravity don't burst, they just reveal strange morphing shapes:

Water doesn't run anywhere in microgravity, so wash-cloths don't work:

And if you add an effervescent tablet to coloured water you can make... this:  

What about water actually in the vacuum of space? Small amount's of water in space would boil and freeze at the same time:  

But large enough amounts would only freeze at the surface. Which mean's there are world's covered in water and ice, like Jupiter's moon Europa where a 100km deep ocean huddles below kilometres of ice:

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