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Friday, 4 September 2020

This week in space: China looks to longer range space weapons and launches a secretive re-useable spacecraft, a big week for SpaceX, and for SpaceLabs, AND Arianespace launches a space tug-boat on its maiden flight.....

Want to support the future of science and engineering? You can do so through one of these charities:

The Space Foundation 

 Pick o' the podcasts

Time Eat The Dogs podcast: The argument against human colonies in space

From the video store

Vega rocket launches maiden flight of a small satellite tug-boat 

SpaceX launches latest batch of Starlink satellites...

New solid fuel booster gets a ground test:

SpaceLab's Electron rocket returns to flight

A non-toxic fuel that works in chemical engines and ion drives the start of all-in-one rockets?

Reading material:

China looking at advanced, long range ASAT weapons to dominate space...

...fuelling Pentagon interest in similar weapons

...and China also launches a secretive reusable space vehicle

A vehicle for moving other satellites into new orbits

Extraterrestrial amino acids found in meteorite

Upgraded telescope shows the Sun's magnetic field structure in incredible detail

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