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Friday 5 February 2021

In space this week: SpaceX flies and detonates another prototype, Biden endorses the Artemis program, National Space Settlement seminar and loads more...

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Pick o the podcasts:

SpacePod: Young stellar objects


From the video store:

National Space Settlement 2021 seminar

Record breaking SpaceX booster launches even more Starlink satellites

Reading material:

White House endorses Artemis program - SpaceNews

Starlink satellites spotted from England

Firefly space takes commercial lunar payloads contract

ULA’s Tory Bruno warns of ‘overheated’ space launch market - SpaceNews

100,000-year-old story could explain why the Pleiades are called 'Seven Sisters' | Space

Satellite spots SpaceX's Starship SN9 from space ahead of explosive test flight | Space

U.S. military space commanders expect broad continuity in DoD space policy - SpaceNews

NASA appoints climate advisor to prioritize Earth science in Biden administration | Space

Viasat's strategy evolves with changing market conditions - SpaceNews

BluShift Aerospace Launches Stardust 1.0 Rocket - Universe Today

The Earth's Magnetosphere Might be Creating Water on the Moon - Universe Today

Martian Landslides Caused by Underground Salts and Melting Ice? - SpaceRef

Sequencing DNA In Orbit - SpaceRef

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