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Saturday, 13 February 2021

This week in space: A busy week at Mars, ABL to launch from Shetland, Europa Clipper to be launched commercially and loads more...

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Pick o the podcasts:

Main Engine: Cut-Off: Falcon 9 fleet, ABL in the UK, Firefly to the Moon

Could tethered SpaceX Starships provide artificial gravity?

From the video store:

Skywalker's battle from The Mandalorian set to his theme. Because it's cool:

Tianwen-1 arrives at Mars

The Al-Amal spacecraft arrives at Mars:


Reading material:

Lockheed Martin selects ABL rocket for Shetland launches - BBC News

Quantum Theory Proposes That Cause and Effect Can Go In Loops - Universe Today

Could space greenhouses solve Earth's food crisis? | Space

Industry questions U.S. government support for commercial remote sensing - SpaceNews

NASA to use commercial launch vehicle for Europa Clipper - SpaceNews

NASA selects Falcon Heavy to launch first Gateway elements - SpaceNews

Virgin Orbit considering moves into adjacent markets - SpaceNews

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