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Sunday 22 August 2021

This week in space: Mars' moon Deimos, Taikonauts go on an EVA, Chinese military satellite is damaged in a collision, and loads more...

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From the video store:

Vega launches second Pléiades Neo imaging satellite - SpaceNews

MLM module tour:


Space Olympics:

This Week at NASA - Landsat 9 and More - SpaceRef

Reading material:

Chinese astronauts out of spacecraft for second time EVA (

Chinese military satellite damaged by Soviet rocket is the ‘first major orbital collision in a decade’ (

Satellite reveals before-and-after images of historic megadrought on Colorado River (

Wildfires Ravage The Greek island Of Evia - SpaceRef

Green Seaweed In The Yellow Sea - SpaceRef

SpaceX superheavy rocket seen by satellites

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