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Friday, 5 November 2021

This week, off world: The head of U.S Space Force urges co-operation, a cannibal radiation storm from the Sun, Virgin Orbit teams up with a Japanese airline and loads more...

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Watch the Sun go RaaaarrrRRgggGGHHHhhhh!!! :

How Astra is Building Lower-Cost Rockets | Factory Tour

Earth from Space - Shetland Islands, Scotland - SpaceRef

Reading material:

Sun outburst goes 'cannibal' as fast new blob overtakes a slower one | Space

10 out-of-this-world images of Earth taken by Landsat satellites (

Head of US Space Force calls for cooperation to avoid extraterrestrial conflict with China (

Space Force launches ‘Orbital Prime’ program to spur market for on-orbit services - SpaceNews

Astra files FCC application for 13,600-satellite constellation - SpaceNews

An object is now orbiting alongside China’s Shijian-21 debris mitigation satellite - SpaceNews


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