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Monday 31 January 2022

This week, off world: Full satellite image sequence of Tonga exploding, China shows satellite interception and towing ability, will space based solar power take off? And loads more...

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Pick o' the podcasts:

193: Orbital parking spots with Larissa Markwardt — Spacepod (


From the video store:

Tom Cruise in Conversation with NASA Astronaut Victor Glover - SpaceRef

Tonga explodes:

China’s Shijian-21 towed dead satellite to a high graveyard orbit - SpaceNews

Earth from Space - Lesotho - SpaceRef

Reading material:

NASA emergency beacons save 330 lives in 2021 (

China lays out ambitious space plans for next 5 years | Space

Isar Aerospace wins 10 million euro European Commission launch competition - SpaceNews

On National Security | Solar power from space: Will it ever get off the ground? - SpaceNews

AFWERX to fund development of laser terminal that connects military aircraft with satellites - SpaceNews

Op-ed | LEO broadband: Will this time be different? - SpaceNews

After 7 years, a spent Falcon 9 rocket stage is on course to hit the Moon | Ars Technica

A Private Mission to Scan the Cloud Tops of Venus for Evidence of Life - Universe Today

Astronomers Might Have Detected the Background Gravitational Waves of the Universe - Universe Today

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