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Friday 4 August 2023

This week, off world: War in space from WW2 to today, launching rockets with electricity, and loads more...

 Here’s where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims... 

...and here is (one) place you can donate to help children in Afghanistan, caught under the Taliban.


Pick o' the podcasts:

This Week In Space podcast: Episode 72 — Newspace Careers with Rick Jenet


From the video store:

Antares 230+ farewell launch flying S.S. Laurel Clark to ISS -

NASA spacecraft's flyby of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io is stunning!

PSLV-CA launches DS-SAR and 6 small satellites

ESA - Space Rider enters phase D for drop tests

Falcon Heavy sends Jupiter-3 broadband giant toward geostationary orbit - SpaceNews

The ISS imaged with a small telescope: 

Reading material:

Momentus completes payload deployment from vigoride-6 mission (

Could Aging Wine Become The First Major Space Manufacturing Business? - Universe Today

gravityLab wants to tackle the artificial gravity problem | TechCrunch

Moon mining gains momentum as private companies plan for a lunar economy | Space

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